Funding Source and Objective

China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd is the funding source and submitted the feasibility study of Gin Nilwala Diversion Project to the Ministry of Irrigation to transfer excess water in the Upper Gin and Nilwala Ganga basins to Urubokka, Kirama and Walawe Ganga irrigation systems to; i) meet irrigation deficiencies and increase of existing cropping intensities with promotion of commercial agriculture in the highland areas; ii) meet major part of industrial and drinking water demands of Greater Hambantota Development Area; iii) finally with management improvements in the Udawalawe system to transfer water saved to Mau Ara – Malala Oya system through existing Mau Ara diversion canal. Review committee of the Ministry made several observations including locations of the diversion wire. Then CAMC offered the Infotechs Ideas (Pvt) Ltd for reviewing the feasibility study report.

Contract Value : LKR 30,779,000
Contract Period : September 2021 to June 2022

Contract Objective
The objectives of this project is to identify best location for the diversion infrastructure, updating the water balance study, review and update the economic viability and construction methodology, preparing downstream development plan and update the feasibility study report incorporating all of the above and the comments given by Technical Review Committee.

Final Output

The final output of this assignment is to prepare the final feasibility study report of the Gin-Nilwala Diversion Project and attend to all the comments from relevant agencies until getting government approval.

Other Ongoing Projects