Funding Source and Objective

Climate Resilient Integrated Water Management Project (CRIWMP) supports the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable smallholder farmers in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka; particularly women, who are facing increasing risks of rising temperatures, erratic rainfall, and extreme events attributable to climate change. The Project will address technical, financial and institutional barriers related to achieving integrated water management to improve agriculture-based livelihoods of smallholder farmers in the Dry Zone.
The key objective of this project is to strengthen the resilience of smallholder farmers in the Dry Zone to climate variability and extreme events through an integrated approach to water management

Contract Agreement No : CNT/RFP/GCF/2020/79
Contract Value : LKR 9,000,000
Contract Period : October 2020 to October 2021

Contract Objective

To update 22 existing guidelines and introduce 30 new guidelines related to Investigations, Planning & Economic Analysis, Hydrology, Mechanical, Rehabilitation, Design & Estimation and Irrigation Management Under the advisory committee of Irrigation department and Review committee of UNDP.

Final Output

The final achievement of this project is to incorporate recent technical innovations into the Technical Guidelines for Irrigation Works, strengthen the Guidelines to address the present and emerging challenges to the sustainability of irrigation works, and to adapt them to mitigate the impacts of floods and droughts while serving the achievement of current national development policies.

Other Ongoing Projects