Design and Construction Supervision for Iranmadu Headworks – Jaffna Kilinochchi Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Design and Construction Supervision for Iranmadu Headworks – Jaffna Kilinochchi Water Supply and Sanitation Project

(Loan No. 2710/2711 SRI) – ADB
ADB funded Iranamadu Headworks project contract was signed in November 2012 at the Irrigation Department of Northern Provincial Council.
The Iranamadu is the largest irrigation and settlement scheme located in the Northern Province. ADB funded Jaffna and Killinochchi Water Supply and Sanitation Project (JKWSSP) had selected the Iranamadu tank situated in Kilinochchi district as the source of water for the part of drinking water requirement of Jaffna Peninsula. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between farmers of Iranamadu Scheme, Provincial Irrigation Department and National Water supply and Drainage Board stipulates the terms and conditions to be fulfilled before extracting water from the Iranamadu tank. As per this MOU, it was proposed to rehabilitate and strengthen the dam embankment and other appurtenant structures of Iranamadu tank and also to increase the existing capacity of tank by raising its full supply level by two feet. The improvement proposed under the JKWSSP has been named as “Iranamadu Component”.

Infotechs IDEAS (Pvt) Ltd., was selected as the lead firm to provide consultancy services for 53 months to this project where H.B. Consultants, Bangladesh support as the International Association Firm in Providing a Dam Safety Specialist (International).

The initial project period was from December 2012 to May 2016. However, due to various reasons, the client decided to extend the project till 2018. Presently we have completed 99% of the work under this project and it is scheduled to complete 100% work on this project by mid of 2019.

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