Consultancy Services for Environmental Impact Assessment for Construction of Kumbukkan Oya Reservoir in Moneragala District

Consultancy Services for Environmental Impact Assessment for Construction of Kumbukkan Oya Reservoir in Moneragala District

Project No: ENV/2017/02 – GoSL
The agreement for the above project was signed with the Department of Irrigation, Sri Lanka and Infotechs IDEAS in Colombo in September 2017.
The aim of this assignment is to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed Kumbukkan Oya reservoir to divert 68 MCM of water to Hulanda Oya through a 5.8 km tunnel and convey water finally to the Ethimale Tank located at the eastern boundary of Kumbukkan Oya basin (adjacent to Wila Oya basin) by extending the existing left bank canal of Hulanda oya anicut scheme and to store around 1 MCM of water in identified minor tanks, Hebassa and Bindunukada tanks within the Kumbukkana anicut scheme via the Right Bank (RB) canal of Kumbukkan Oya reservoir and Thenagallanda, Itthekatuwa, Wattarama and Kotiyagala minor tanks within the Hulandawa anicut scheme via the Left Bank (LB) canal of Kumbukkan oya reservoir. Keeping the above in mind the team of consultants (i) Comprehend the current environment and social conditions in the study area through collecting and review the data/ information concerned; (ii) Conduct field surveys and investigation (site visits by experts and hearings with stakeholders); (iii) Identify and assess the environmental and socio-economic impacts caused by the Project using standard EIA methodologies. Impacts will be evaluated using the Leopold Matrix method; (iv) Develop necessary mitigation measures on predicted impacts; (v) Analyse spatial & non-spatial data gathered in the EIA and present in the report using GIS as a tool; (vi) Undertake an extended cost-benefit analysis of the proposed activities; (vii) Prepare an Environmental Management Plan including Environmental Monitoring Plan; (viii) Prepare an EIA report covering all relevant aspects as per the given ToR to get the CEA approval for the proposed development project.

The duration of the project period is five months from the date of signing of the agreement. To present 25% of the project activities have been completed.

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