Hiring a Consultancy Firm to Design, Establish, Operate, Manage and Transfer Agriculture Technology Demonstration Parks (ATDPs) to Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) Supported by the Project

Procurement Plan No: LK-MOA-PMU-41990-CS-QBS

World Bank funded Agriculture Sector Modernization Project (ASMP) of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), has awarded the consultancy of ‘Designing, Establishing, Operating, Managing and Transfering Agriculture Technology Demonstration Parks (ATDPs) to Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)’ to FCG ANZDEC LIMITED, who performs as the International Service Provider (ISP) whereas Infotechs IDEAS (Pvt) Ltd., acts as the National Counterpart of the ISP. ASMP has allocated USD 30 million for the consultancy, which comprises of international and national experts in establishing ATDPs following market driven cluster development approach. Areas of focus of the ATDPs are under mentioned 7 districts of 5 provinces: • Northern Province 1) Jaffna District 2) Mullativu District • North Central Province: 3) Anuradhapura District 4) Polonnaruwa District • Uva Province 5) Moneragla District • Eastern Province 6) Batticaloa District • Central province 7) Matale District Each district will have 3 clusters covering 10-15 villages aiming at engaging 14,000 farmers in all 7 districts. Each cluster will be modernized by developing value chains, institutionalization of farmer production organizations and market driven agricultural production systems. The ISP consultancy will be completed within 29 calendar months (from 16th October 2019 to 31st December 2021) achieving desired goals of ATDPs.

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